Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files sent by a web server to store on a web browser. They are used to ensure websites function properly, store user preferences when needed and collect anonymous statistics on website usage.

The table below outlines the use of cookies on this site.

First party cookies

Details Name Purpose Expires
Session cookie JSESSIONID This cookie contains a randomly generated number and allows the browser to remember your selections. It expires when you close the browser and contains no personally identifiable information. When you exit your browser

Third party cookies

Details Names Purpose Expires
Google Analytics __utma
These cookies are used to collect anonymous website statistics such as the number of visitors in a month, average duration of visits and popular pages viewed. This data is used to review and improve the site. 30 minutes to 2 years
Disqus __qca
Used for anonymous analytics and to facilitate user log in when commenting on blog posts. 30 minutes to 2 years [Dependent on social networks used for sharing] [We have disabled the standard set of cookies. However, if you share pages via social networks, cookies may be placed by as well as the social network in question, in accordance with their respective privacy policies.] [Dependent on social networks used for sharing] pid
Enable sharing of bog posts on twitter 18 months [Disabled] [We embed videos in YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode] [Disabled]

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