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Creating anchors

1. Anchors are used to create "jump links" within a page. These are useful for items like clickable table of contents at the top of a page, footnotes or back to top jump links in the footer of a page. In this example, we will create clickable footnotes. 

2. Paste and prepare the page content in the editor.

3. Highlight the destination text (where the link will "jump" to):

Highlight anchor destination text

4. Then, click the Anchor button (anchor-icon) in the editor at the top.

5. In the pop up that appears, enter any useful name for the anchor (eg. footnote1). Keep this in lower case and avoid spaces.

Entering the anchor name

6. Next, highlight the link text (where the link "jumps" from):

Highlight anchor link text

To create superscript text first, highlight the number and select the superscript button (Superscript text button) in the editor at the top.

7. Press the Link button (Insert link button) in the editor.

8. In the link dialog that appears, type the pound symbol (#) followed by the anchor name (in this case we type #footnote1).

Embed anchor text link

9. Make sure the link Target opens in the same window. Enter optional hover text in the Title field and press OK.

10. The anchor is now active. Save and close the page (Save and close button) and test the anchor in the preview screen.

It’s easiest to test anchors when page content is long. The ‘jump’ may not be visible on a very short page. 
Misspelling is a frequent cause of errors. Make sure the link text spelling is exactly the same as the anchor name, eg. “#footnote1”, not “#foonote1” or “#foot note1”.

You can also double check anchors by editing the link text while in the editor:
Edit link textIn the dialog that appears, select the appropriate anchor name from the drop down:
Select anchor name from drop downThen press OK.

11. If useful, edit the page again embed a back link from the footnote to the text above. This ensures both anchors "jump" to each other:

Cross reference anchor in the text

Repeat the anchor steps

12. Save and close the page (Save and close button) and test again.

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