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Creating new pages

This section outlines how to create new pages in OpenCms. If you like, you can skip this page altogether and learn about editor buttons instead. 

When creating new pages, be sure to create them in the related main menu folder.

In this example we will add a new page in the 'about' folder called 'Company Achievements'.

1. Open the about folder and press New (new) in the he Explorer menu at the top.

2. From the pop up that appears select Page with free text and click Continue (always select Page with free text for standard text pages).


3. Enter the name of the page in lower case (substituting spaces with dashes), leave the other default settings and click Continue.


The name of a file appears in the page URL like this:

Example of a page URL

Please note
a. The name of a page should always be lower case.
b. Substitute spaces with dashes – eg. company-achievements.html instead of
company achievements.html
c. Keep it short but meaningful – eg. company-achievements-2012.html instead of
d. Don’t use special characters like ?, < and “.
e. Use keywords related to the content of the page (instead of page123).

4. In the next screen, enter the details below. Then press Finish.

Setting page properties

Enter a descriptive title relating to the topic. The title can be capitalized, include spaces and be as detailed as necessary. It will appear as the page title in your browser, as well as the meta title in search results for that particular page:

Meta title in search results

Enter keywords (lower case, separated by commas) relating to the page content. This is used by some search engines and will form the meta keywords for that page. A good standard is 15 keywords per page.

Enter the first one or two sentences from the page here as an overall description. This is used by search engines as the meta description for that page in search results:

Meta description in search results

Add to navigation
Tick this field if you would like the page to appear in the drop down navigation menu for that folder.

Navigation Text
Enter the navigation text as you would like it to appear in the menu.

Insert after
Here, you can edit the order of navigation items. The page can appear at the first position, after existing pages (select which one) or at the last position:

Editing navigation order of pages

You can always change the above details at a later stage by left clicking the page icon and selecting Properties from the drop down menu:
Editing page properties including navigation textThe properties screen will then appear where you can edit navigation text, the navigation order and so on.

5. You can now see the newly created page in the folder. It has a lock (lock) to indicate that the page is locked by you (any other company members logged into the system won’t be able to edit that page until you publish). The flag (flag) helps you identify pages that have been recently created or edited (this is useful when you have a long list of pages within a folder). The flag and lock disappear once you publish changes.

Lock and flag that appear for new pages

6. You can now edit the page by left-clicking the page icon and selecting Edit page from the drop down menu.

Editing page in opencms

7. You are now in the page editor.

Opencms what you see is what you get page editor