Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC

Consolidating regional law firm websites

Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC

The challenge

Michael Kyprianou, a renowned European law firm, hired us to revamp their web presence. The firm had previously maintained separate websites for each of their regional practices in Cyprus, Malta, Greece and Ukraine, which was a cumbersome undertaking.  

Michael Kyprianou office locations

The solution

We proposed the solution of one consolidated, geotargeted, multi-lingual web presence to showcase the firm’s regional expertise. Using a geotargeted approach, profile and services content is customizable to the user’s location.

Law firm web design


  • While the previous sites had been very static, the new site makes use of content visualization to bring to life expertise, profile and location pages.
  • Content is divided into bite-sized 'chunks' for ease of reading.
Michael Kyprianou web page design

Multi-lingual content management

  • The site delivers content in English, Greek, Russian and Mandarin.
  • The CMS allows editors to switch between languages easily when populating resources in order to streamline content management.
Multi-lingual web pages

The result

The new consolidated web presence better supports the firm’s rapidly growing legal practice. Since launch, the firm has expanded to include offices in additional countries such as the UK and the UAE.