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What do the editor buttons mean

Here is an overview of all the editor buttons. See our next page for an overview of formatting buttons.

Edit buttons in OpenCms

Please note
Not all buttons are activated for structured content files. By default, structured content editors only display the most common editor buttons.

General editing

 button-publish-changes  Publish directly

This button publishes all changes (they are live). However, rather than using the Publish directly button in the editor it is better to save and close a page, preview the page, edit if necessary and then Publish changes in the Explorer menu. This practice ensures that all related files (including downloads and images) are published as well.

button-save-and-close  Save and exit

This button saves and closes the page. Use this button after making edits. You can then preview the page and Publish in the Explorer menu (example here).

button-save  Save

This button saves all changes during edit (do intermediary saves while editing long pages).

button-source-code  Source code

This button allows you to view the source code for a page. This is useful when embedding source code from another site (eg. see our Youtube embed example).

button-undo-changes  Undo

Undo changes.

button-redo-changes  Redo

Redo changes you have previously undone.

button-find  Find

Find specific wordswithin a page:

Find text in opencms editor

button-replace  Replace

Find and auto-replace specific words within a page.


button-select-all  Select all

Select all text on a page (or use ctrl + A).

button-remove-format  Remove format

Remove formatting from selected text. This extends to bold, underline, italics etc but does not affect heading styles, images and links.

button-cut  Cut

Cut content (or use ctrl + X).

button-copy  Copy

Copy content (or use ctrl + C).

button-paste  Paste

Paste content (or use ctrl + V).

button-paste-as-plain-text  Paste as plain text

This button is very important for importing text from other sources (eg. Word document or email). It removes all prior formatting (including fonts, font sizes and fonts colours ) and ensures the web page looks consistent with other pages on the site (please see practical example).

button-paste-from-word  Paste from Word

This button can be used to paste text from Word documents. It removes redundant code while keeping existing formatting intact (eg. bolding and italics). It is not always reliable when it comes to font sizes so it is best to use the paste as plain text button above.

button-table  Insert table

Use this button to create tables within a page.

button-insert-link  Link

Use this button to create links (external links, internal links and email links). See our practical example.

 button-external External links

This button can be used to create external links (ie. links to other websites). We recommend the Link button above as it is more user-friendly. See our practical example.

button-insert-anchor  Anchors

Use this button to create anchors (ie. jump links) within your page. See our practical example.

button-remove  Remove link

This button allows you to remove links. The icon is subtly different to the external links icon (the chain is more separated). Instead of using this button you can also right click a link and select Remove Link from the drop down.

Remove links in OpenCms

button-insert-image  Insert image

Use this button to insert images from your existing web gallery, or upload images directly from your hard drive. See our practical example.

button-insert-download  Insert file

Use this button to insert downloads like PDF documents. An alternate method is outlined in our practical example.

button-folder-link  Insert link gallery

If you have external links you re-use frequently, you can create them in one central location and insert them using this button.

button-insert-html  Insert HTML

This button is for programmers only.

button-insert-table  Insert table gallery

If you have tables you re-use frequently, you can create them in one central location and insert them using this button.

button-insert-horizontal  Insert horizontal line

Use this button to insert horizontal lines.

button-insert-special-chara  Insert special character

This button allows you to insert special characters like copyright (©), degrees (°), currencies and European letter accents:

Insert special characters in OpenCms

button-print  Print

Print the page. 

button-close  Close

Use this button to exit without saving. This is useful when you’ve made a mistake and need to revert changes. 

button-preview-page  Preview

This is situated in the top right corner of a page. Use this button to preview pages while making edits. The preview screen will open in a new window.

button-editor-size Maximize the editor size

This button appears in structured content files only. You can click this button to increase the text editor size. It will take up the entire screen.

You can click on the button again to minimize the editor screen. The screen reverts back to the standard size when you change windows, insert images or insert links.

You can mouse over editor buttons at any time to see their explanations: 
Previewing button descriptions in OpenCms